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    [RS] NOD32 Update Viewer **LATEST**

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    GMT - 10 Hours [RS] NOD32 Update Viewer **LATEST**

    Mensaje por Sabru el Miér Abr 29, 2009 4:04 pm

    [RS] NOD32 Update Viewer **LATEST**

    [RS] NOD32 Update Viewer **LATEST**

    Again, upgrade NOD32 Update Viewer available to download updates from
    the official mirror server and ESET, CureIt (DrWEB), AVZ, AVPTool,
    Trojan Remover, followed by the formation of their own mirror updates
    locally on your computer. Expands functionality and reliability of
    obtaining updates for antivirus ESET NOD32 EAV and ESS.

    Key features program:
    »Indicates content updates on all servers company Eset and their mirrors.
    »Shows versions of real files (not from update.ver).
    »Checks and updates the list of servers Eset.
    »Compares content updates to the current mirror (new - green; outdated - red).
    »Shows, on what servers is Trial upgrade.
    »Restores file names when setting up a mirror to NOD32.
    »Creates a mirror with restoring of names.
    »Create a mirror of the real files servers Eset.
    »Creates a mirror with any accessible language versions of program components v2.7.
    »In auto mode, hourly checks and updates mirror with a bust passwords and disposal of obsolete (runs in systray).
    »Once starts auto-update (with the" auto "in the command line).
    »Before you upgrade a mirror looking for renewal in accordance with NOD32 (optimizes traffic).
    »Creates a mirror on installed NOD32 v2.7 (with the parameter" this "in the command line).
    »Create a mirror of the trial (for fans).
    »Full GBRs switches from a commercial mode in trial and back.
    »Synchronizes with the current mirror FTP mirrors.
    »Starts the appropriate external program after updating any mirror.
    »Test servers for updates, and then adding them to the list of mirrors.
    »Checks passwords to the possibility of downloading different versions of installers NOD32 (Home, Business ...).
    »Checks passwords from text (ANSI) or DBF file.
    »Checks the termination of passwords (new keys ESET brings in the base late).
    »Saves current passwords in text and DBF files.
    »Download any available version of NOD32 (Home, Business ...).
    »Adds the components of the installers NOD32 v2.7 (right-click on the first line)
    »Carries the name and password of NOD32 in NOD32view and back.
    »Supports work through Proxy Server (may be problems with FTP).
    »Works with mirrors on HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.
    »Works with mirrors with authorization (... tp: / / username: password @ host ...).
    »Works without NOD32.
    »Works under Windows Vista.
    »Module DrWEBview.dll, creates a mirror and refreshes bases CureIt (DrWEB).
    »Module AVZview.dll, creates a mirror and refreshes bases AVZ.
    »Module KAVview.dll, creates a mirror and refreshes bases AVPTool.
    »Module TRview.dll, creates a mirror and refreshes bases Trojan Remover.



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